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  • ぎおんの宿 みー
  • ぎおんの宿 みー
  • ぎおんの宿 みー
  • ぎおんの宿 みー

Gion no Yado Three


Atmosphere of old Kyoto remains in Gion area

Atmosphere of old Kyoto remains in Gion areaThe most typical place where express “The” Kyoto is Gion. This machiya is nearby entertainment district of Gion, where Maiko and Geiko (apprentice geisha) are invited by a patron to dinner party in a zashiki. If you are lucky, you maybe can meet Maiko during your stay. Also, you can see famous high-class Japanese-style restaurants on stone-paved alley beside Shirakawa River. This scene is famous in the world because of many photos are taken here for guidebooks.

Over 80 years old machiya

Over 80 years old machiyaA long narrow house, typical Kyoto, which share a wall with the neighbors. Gion no Yado has 4 machiya inside, “Three” is one of it. Gion no Yado has 4 machiya inside, “Three” is one of it. You can feel the time when Japanese people lived together with neighbors. Also, you can see lattice window, inner garden, and low ceiling with wooden beam which is from the old times. This machiya has Japanese style rooms for both ground floor and second floor. All four machiya of “Gion no Yado” are different, so we recommend you to try all four machiya for your stay and find you favorite one.

Leisure day off at Japanese room with Horigotatsu.

Leisure day off at Japanese room with Horigotatsu.On the ground floor, we prepared Horigotatsu (a foot-warming heat source to be set in the recess built into the floor over which a kotatsu is placed) in Japanese room. When you sit legless chair at there, you can see inner garden in front of your eyes. A small space, almost sitting shoulder to shoulder, will make your conversation become lively, and your family’s bound or friends’ friendship strong.

Room Layout

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Information of Gion no Yado Three

Gion no Yado Three
231, Nishinocho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0088
2 - 5 people

Subway "Sanjyoukeihan" 5 mins walk
Subway "Sanjyou" 5 mins walk
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