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  • 壱の局
  • 壱の局
  • 壱の局



Our machiya (Kyoto traditional town house) is located in the heart of what was known to exist a thousand years ago, during the Heian Period, as the quarters where the Emperor's female court's residences (Jyokyoden) where built.
Ichi-no-tsubone is called after the denomination given during the Heian Period.
It was built a 140 years ago during Meiji Period.
Preserved as guest house in the present days by Yamanaka Abura Ten, a 200 years-old Cooking Oil Company (1818-1829), located in the same area.
Feel the timeless and peaceful atmosphere of this place, choose by Murasaki Shikibu for the scenario of her famous novel “Genji Monogatari” (The Tales of Genji).
The house can accommodate 2 to 5 people. Our guests will rent a whole house per group, for short or long stays.

Room Layout

 ichi-no-tubone eng


 A whole traditional townhouse.
Shampoo, conditioner & Body soap / Toothbrush / Bath towel & Face towel
Green tea leaves, Black tea bags & Coffee / Plates, Cups & Glasses
Hair dryer / Microwave / Fridge / TV
Futon mattress x 8 / Air conditioner x 3/ Toilet x 2
※ Please bring your own pajamas for your good night sleep.



>>>From Kyoto Station By Bus:
Take a bus N.206 and go north on Senbon Street.
Get off at Senbon-Demizu bus stop located on the west side of Senbon-dori St.
Cross the street to the east side and walk south on Senbon to find Demizu-dori St.
Keep on going south crossing Demizu and turn left on the road south of Demizu.
Keep walking east two blocks and you will find a group of old houses on a row on the left side.
One of them is ICHI-NO-TSUBONE.

>>>By Taxi:
It takes about 15minutes from JR Kyoto station.