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  • 東山 粟田庵
  • 東山 粟田庵
  • 東山 粟田庵



The hotel with a quaint old house is in the upland residential area.
You go to the east along the Sanjo-street from the busstop on the east and west line on the subway, then go through the stone-paved approach after the first shrine gate [torii] of the Awata shrine. Then you go up the footpath little by little laterality along the second shrine gate. (It takes 6 minutes on foot from Higashiyama station.)
You are welcomed with the Japanese-style chest and the statue of the Goddess of Kannon which were made on the Taisho-era and at the beginning of Showa-era when you open the entrance wood door. You can put off your shoes relax sitting on widen tatami flooring.
There are two rooms on the first floor. There are the bathroom used ”towada ishi" - which is a natural blue stone”, the changing room, restroom, kitchen, and the like. You can enjoy viewing the stone garden from the bath (This is karesansui, which is a traditional Japanese dry landscape garden). You can get rid of your tiredness by soaking in the bathtub to relax.
There are two different types of Japanese style rooms (a six‐mat room and a three‐mat room) , and the restroom, and the like on the second floor.
There are windows all around the room, so you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere by getting the gentle sunshine through the paper sliding door.
We were able to make the space more comfortable by putting the cosmic hemp mortar plaster stucco on the floorboards.
You can enjoy Kyoto in all seasons with attractions such as "Heian shrine"(Site of weeping cherry blossoms), "Shirakawa" (where you can see lightning bugs and a great place not many people know about), "Philosopher road" (where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms and fallen leaves), Cool aqueduct in Nanzen-temple, "Shorenin", "Chionin" (with an interesting history), and the many others.
This hotel is the base of your travel.

Room Layout

Awata room eng

OUR TURN Facilities

A whole traditional townhouse.
Shampoo, conditioner, Body soap / Toothbrush / Bath towel & Face towel
Green tea leaves, Black tea bags Coffee / Plates, Cups, Glasses
Washing machine / Hair dryer / Microwave / Fridge / TV
Futon mattress / Air conditioner / Toilet
※ Please bring your own pajamas for your good night sleep.



>>>From Kyoto Station By Taxi:
It takes about 20 minutes from JR Kyoto station.
>>>From Kyoto Station By Subway:
Get off at Higashiyama station on Tozai-line.
It takes about 6 minutes on foot from the exit (Number 1)