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  • たわら庵 東館
  • たわら庵 東館
  • たわら庵 東館

Tawara-an East

10 minutes’ walk distance from “Kyoto Imperial Palace (Gosho)” and “Kamogawa River” which is one of the most relaxing place of local Kyoto people. 15 minutes’ walk distance from “Ponto-cho” where is famous for riverbed (Kawadoko).


Feel and see detailed elaborately design and traditional Japanese aura flavor.
“Tawara An East” is one of the most high grade machiya residence.

South of Kyoto Imperial Palace area used to be a most flourished place when there was a center of “Heiankyo”, which is the ancient name for the city of Kyoto as the capital of Japan. The north side of Kyoto Imperial Palace area is now very popular because of the center of shopping town named Shijyo Kawaramachi, so there are a lot of shops and restaurants are nearby.
Tawara An is located in such area, south of Kyoto Imperial Palace, on the street named Tominokoji.
Tawara An was built as atelier of craftsman and his family’s shelter. The machiya’s dignified atmosphere reminds us the old times when this area was a center of Japan. This machiya owned a scroll of Edo period.
Foreground from entrance is Tawara-An East. There is a bathroom made of umbrella pines which has a scent of elegant cypress, and it will make you very relaxing. On the second floor, there are Simon’s beds in the western style room and Japanese room where you can put futon. You will see and feel the charm of traditional Japanese machiya from the details of the architecture.

Rare machiya which has high skills of artisans remains

Rare machiya which has high skills of artisans remainsMagnificent machiya which still can show you the impressive skills of carpenters of old times, and to tell the truth, it is very difficult to reproduce in the present day. For example, Using Japanese cedar under the tatami (straw mat) as the basement. That will make you feel warm even in the winter, and it will make the floor strong. This is the knowledge and wisdom of old Japanese culture. A crepe log, which used at tokonoma (alcove), is very rare. Another rare thing which you cannot see directly but most of the nails used in this machiya are handmade from Meiji period.
Feel the atmosphere of the life of old Kyoto, and enjoy your stay in traditional Japanese mahciya.

Relaxing bath time in high class bathroom made of umbrella pines.

Relaxing bath time in high class bathroom made of umbrella pines.We prepared bathroom made of umbrella pines which is the highest class of wooden bath. Umbrella pines are special because the white-yellow color with luster, noble scent of cypress, and minute grains. Soft material, the highest class of umbrella pines, has a smooth touch, and it makes you feel very relaxing. For washbowl, we prepared “Shigaraki pottery”. Beside of bathrooms is a Japanese inner garden, you can see it from the small window when you taking bath.

The scene of quiet inner garden

The scene of quiet inner gardenBetween “Tawara An West” and “Tawara An East”, a small Japanese inner garden exists, and it was made with thinking of wind street and light refrection. This garden remains the old constriction, but it was re-make with trees of Kyoto. Also, there is a small inner garden at the entrance. These gardens almost make you feel you are in the forest of Kyoto. Even the house itself is in the middle of town, old Japanese culture did not forget to enjoy the nature.

Room Layout

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Information of Tawara-an East

Tawara-an East
190, Tawarayacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0952
2 - 10 people

Subway "Karasumaoike" 8 mins walk
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  •  Conditioner
  •  Body soap
  •  Bath towel
  •  Face towel
  •  Toothbrush
  •  Japanese tea leaves
  •  Coffee
  •  Black tea bags
  •  Fridge
  •  Microwave
  •  Electric Kettle
  •  Tableware
  •  Hair dryer
  •  Beds ×2
  •  Futon mattress ×2
  •  TV
  •  Air conditioner
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※ Please bring your own pajamas for your good night sleep.